• Personal Transformation Through Yoga
    with Kim Tull-Esterbrook

    This 6 month study program is designed for students who want to take their practice beyond what can be explored in a drop in yoga class. We will work with yoga tools and philosophy to deepen your understand of all that yoga has to offer and explore how you can intergrade it into your life in a deeper way

    Class will meet one Sunday a month for 3 hours (May through November, no class in August) and will include handouts, guided meditations, journal/self inquiry prompts, and home practices to deepen your experience of the material we cover in class.

    Some topics include:

    • Finding your ethical ground through the Yamas and Niyamas,

    • Working with Chakras and the energy body,

    • Exploring meditation through mindfulness and self-inquiry, and

    • Utilizing ritual and a basic understanding of sequencing asana to develop a home practice.

    All of these practices work together toward the ultimate goal of helping us move beyond our conditioning into a direct experience of our highest potential- who we really are and what is really important to us.

    Dates are 5/26, 6/23, 7/21, 9/29, 10/27, 11/17

    2-5 pm


  • Body as Resource: Bioenergetics & Dynamic Presence
    with Alycia Zollinger

    We all have the capacity to get to know our nervous system, our breath, our energy, and our patterns of thinking and being. This series will offer opportunities to delve more deeply into your dynamic Self to cultivate energetic awareness, healing, and transformation within the container of an inclusive and compassionately held space.

     In this series we will explore the underpinnings of how we use or block our own energy, as well as tools to regulate your nervous system and discern real needs in challenging and blissful moments. Weaving through Bioenergetics, yoga, movement, and breathwork, we will empower personal resources to track patterns of thinking, being and interacting with the world; transmuting triggers, sensitivities, and wounds into fertile ground for personal growth.

     This 6-month intensive program is designed for students who are interested in deepening awareness and understanding of how your subtle body and energetic patterning relates to your experience of aliveness and connection in daily life! For practitioners, it can be an experiential resource for broadening your psycho-somatic tools for use in professional practice and self-care.

     Class will meet one Sunday a month for 3 hours. Throughout the series, classes will cover philosophy and neuroscience, anatomy and energy mapping, as well as experiential practices, meditations, and points of inquiry for reflection, transformation and integration into daily life.

    In the series, you will garner practices for:

    •       Compassionately identifying patterns of thinking and acting in relation to inner intentions

    •      Discerning Somatic States & Body Sensations.

    •      Nervous System Regulation & Relational Dynamics.

    •      Centering, Grounding, and Integrating.

    •      Presencing & Body Reclamation.

    •      Connecting & Attuning.

    •      Saying Yes! To Pleasure.

    Class will meet 1 Sunday a month 9/8, 10,6, 11/3, 12/1, 1/5, 2/2

    2-5 pm!


  • Family Yoga (ages 3-7)
    with Alice Mason

    Come explore the joy of yoga with your child!  In this class children ages 3-7 will be introduced to yoga and mindfulness though stories and songs. We will read yoga related children's books, move to music and do yoga obstacle courses.   The children will be exploring several different yoga postures each day (including partner poses).  Caregivers will be doing simple yoga poses alongside their child and helping their child into yoga postures.  Dress to move!

    For children ages 3-7 with a caregiver

    Sundays, 9/8, 10/6, 11/3, 12/1

    12:30- 1:30 PM with Alice Mason

    $20 per family

  • September Early Morning Immersion
    with Shelley Curtis

    Each month, this 4-week series meets 3 mornings per week. The focus of each session varies depending on the goals and interests of the students enrolled that month. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners without acute injury. 11 - 12 classes total.

    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    6:15 -7:30 am 

    $99 each session

  • An Introduction to RAIN
    with Kim Tull-Esterbrook

    In this 2 day workshop, we will explore the practice of RAIN. RAIN Is a useful Acronym to help remember the steps of the practice:

    R ecognize what is happening;
    A llow the experience to be there, just as it is;
    I nvestigate with interest and care;
    N urture with self-compassion.

    RAIN is an insightful self-inquiry practice that you can bring into your daily life to help you dis­cover the deep patterns of what triggers strong emotional reactions. It is a process of Investigating what you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally and loosening the mind’s stories around those experiences. This practice helps to create the space for you to be with things as they are, to deepen your understanding of what underlies, your fears, anger, and sadness. It can also grant you the freedom to look at the situation differently and choose a response other than what may be dictated by your story. And all the while, helping to cultivate a real sense of understanding and compassion toward your own vulnerability.

    Tuesdays, September 17th and 24th
    6-7:15 pm
    with kim Tull-Esterbrook


  • September Sound Healing with Tibetan Bowls

    Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes.They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

    In this 60 minute workshop, which is limited to 10 participants, you will be in closer proximity to the bowls which makes the experience all the more powerful!

    Thursday, September 19th 6:15-7:15 pm

    with Gavin Tull-Esterbrook


  • Teachers Class: Gayatri Practice
    with Kim Tull-Esterbrook

    In this integrated practice we will utilize the many tools of practice,- Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, and Chant to nourish, strengthen and support ourselves as yoga teachers, students, and as a Sangha. The first 90 minutes will be dedicated to practice, the last half an hour an open time to support one another, share ideas and enjoy community!

    Not a yoga teacher but still want to attend? You are welcome to attend class and leave before the discussion period!

    Septembers class falls near the very end of summer. We will work with Gayatri Mantra, using the sun as an external representation of our own internal light. We will cultivate, nurture, and soak up all that light to prepare for the darker days to come!


    with Kim Tull-Esterbrook

  • Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Well-Being

    This 6-week experiential class series is based on Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a course on mindfulness practice and stress reduction developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the UMass Medical School in 1979. It is the oldest and most studied mindfulness curriculum for general improvements in health and well-being. The technique was originally developed for use in hospitals with patients suffering from painful, chronic, or disabling conditions. It was found that following participation in an MBSR program, participants' levels of anxiety and depression decreased and their sense of well-being increased. Extensive research has shown that the Stress Reduction Program can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of state of health. It is a course that helps participants draw on their own inner resources and actively engage in caring for themselves and finding greater balance, ease, and peace of mind.
    Sunday Evenings  September 22 – October 27 |  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    with Marcie Hamrick

  • Family Yoga (ages 7-12)
    with Liziah Richards
    In this Yoga Class for families with kids age 7-12 we will explore yoga through physical postures, games, stories and meditation. This class is a fun inspiring way to to stretch and  strengthen our bodies, to calm and focus our minds, to inspire our imaginations and cultivate positive, supportive connections as families and in community. 
    Sundays, 9/22, 11/24, 12/22
    3-4 pm
    with Liziah Richards
    $20 per family
  • Level 1 Zhong Yuan Qigong

    Experience Qigong, the ancient Chinese art of self-development, self-healing and awakening. With simple exercises, meditations and visualizations, discover your ability to cultivate a  relaxed and energized state of being, enhancing your health and sense of well-being.   

    Level 1 focuses on relaxing the physical body, and on boosting overall energy levels.  The Lower Dantien, or lower energy center (just below the navel) is the Level 1 focal point.

    Zhong Yuan Qigong is a complete system of self-development which evolved in the Shaolin area of China, with roots in Shamanism, Buddhism and Taoism. Jean Clough is a personal student of ZY Qigong Grandmaster and lineage holder, Xu Mingtang of Beijing

    Jean looks forward to sharing the rich wisdom of this art and science with you!

    Tuesdays,  October 1st- November 5th 6-7:15 PM

    with Jean clough


  • Yoga to Overcome Back Pain
    with Tracy Weber

    Do you suffer from neck or back pain? 

     If so, you’re not alone.  At some point in their lives, most Americans will experience one or more incidents of back pain.  Most back injuries are preventable and the pain can be alleviated using simple yoga techniques.  

    This series is appropriate for anyone who would like to build back strength, increase flexibility, improve posture, or reduce chronic pain.  In it, you will explore gentle movement and breath work, and learn to adapt postures safely and beneficially for your individual condition. 

    Yoga for Healthy Backs is great for people new to yoga and those with low or moderate chronic back pain, as well as experienced students who would like to learn how to use yoga to improve back health.

    Wednesdays, October 2-30th 7:30- 8:45 pm

    witrh tracy Weber

  • October Extended Practice
    with Julia Fay

    The physical postures of yoga, known as asana, are powerful and centering, creating many benefits to those who practice regularly in both mind and body. But did you know they are only 1/8th of the story? There are many more tools available that offer profound results to those who wish to learn them. Come experience and deepen your understanding of the other 7 limbs of yoga through our new extended practices!

    Class will involve our typical 75 minutes of asana, followed by 45 minutes of pranayama (breath work), mantra practice, and prompts for self-reflection and meditation. Additionally, excerpts from the yoga sutras, an ancient text that contains mystical and practical wisdom on yoga's 8 limbs, may be incorporated to deepen self-reflection and intention for practice. This class offers the opportunity to go beyond asana and launch oneself into a deeper relationship with the body, breath, mind, and the higher self.


    1-3 PM

    with Julia Fay


  • Yoga 101: A Beginner's Series
    with Cassidy Clowe

    In spite of what you might see in magazines or on television, you don't have to tie yourself into a knot or look great in a leotard to benefit from yoga. "Stretch" yourself and try Viniyoga - a dynamic, breath-centered style that adapts movements to each individual student.

    In this 6-week series, we will cover the basics of Viniyoga and the movement/breath connection that makes this style of yoga so healing and unique. Throughout the series you will receive step-by-step guidance on the most common postures used in Whole Life Yoga drop-in classes, and instruction on how to modify those postures to suit your needs.

    This is a perfect series for beginners or students who want to revisit the fundamentals of form and intention in basic postures.

    Series includes simple practices you can do at home.

    Thursdays, october 17th- November 21st 6-7:15 pm

    with Cassidy Clowe

  • An Afternoon of Mindfulness

    This is an opportunity to participate in an afternoon of immersion into mindfulness, stress reduction, and body awareness. During this silent afternoon of continuous practice, we will be guided in a sequence of meditation and mindfulness practices including: sitting meditation, walking meditation, body scan, and gentle mindful yoga. Beginners and long time practitioners are welcome.

    This Afternoon of Mindfulness is based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) principles and practices. MBSR is a well-researched class designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and the Center for Mindfulness at the UMass Medical Center. It has proven very effective in helping with many stress-related issues. Participants in the 6 week Mindfulness series are encouraged to attend.

    What to bring: Comfortable, layered clothing (walking outdoors is an option, so bring appropriate clothing for this if you'd like)

    Meditation cushion or bench if you'd like (blankets, chairs, bolsters, yoga mats, and blocks are provided)

    There will be a silent break with tea and a light snack. Please let instructor know in advance if you have any food allergies.

    Saturday, October 19th

    1-5 pm

    $40 (students enrolled in the Mindfulness for Stress Reduction and Well being series attend for $30- use code MBSR at checkout))

  • Yoga for Round Bodies
    with Patricia Hedtke

    Experience the stress relief and healing power of yoga while celebrating the wonderful gifts and strength of your own unique body.
    Yoga isn't just for gymnasts, dancers, and the young. It's a powerful system of health and transformation that can serve all ages, body types and fitness levels.
    Yoga for Round Bodies is a gentle series designed to let you tap into the strength and resilience of your body as it is right now. Whether you plan to lose weight, have recently lost weight or even if you have decided not to, this series will introduce you to the power and vitality that is already a part of you. Through breath and movement we will explore the great support and power our body, mind and spirit offer us.

    Sundays, November 3rd- December 8th

    6-7:15 pm

    with Patricia Hedtke

  • Yoga for Anxiety
    with Tracy Weber

    Are you often edgy? Do you feel anxious going about your daily routine? Are you overwhelmed when faced with stresses beyond the norm?  

    40 million Americans are diagnosed annually with anxiety and anxiety related disorders.  But yoga can help!  Therapists, MD's, Naturopaths, and nurses often recommend yoga as part of comprehensive treatment plan to deal with the effects of anxiety.

    Join Whole Life Yoga founder Tracy Weber in a yoga exploration that will help you learn how manage and reduce anxiety using a variety of yoga practices.  Each class will include yoga movements, breath awareness, and deep relaxation.  The class will include gentle movement practices good for beginners as well as experienced students.  You will also receive several practices you can do at home. 

    Wednesdays, November 13th- December 18th

    7:30- 8:45 pm


  • Yoga for Fertility
    with Rebecca Bliquez

    Trying to conceive or thinking about starting a family? If you are looking to join a supportive community of women on the journey to parenthood then this class is for you. We will use gentle postures, breath work and relaxation practices to help prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for conception. Chronic stress has been shown to affect fertility and this class will focus on stress relief techniques for everyday life as well as methods of appropriately stimulating and nourishing the reproductive and hormonal systems of the body. Women at all stages of the fertility journey are most welcome!

    Sundays, November 17th- December 15th (NO CLASS DECEMBER 8TH!)

    7:30-8:45 pm

    with Rebecca Bliquez